InTek Services

Integra Teknik (InTekô) with yearly experiences on Automation/SCADA business is a suitable partner which 'turn-key' Subcontractor looking for, and the proper provider that the End-user expected to.InTekô Automation/SCADA Services & Outsourcing.

Our Engineers expertises and experiences on Automation/SCADA project covering :
from 500KV Electrical Transmission to 20KV Electrical Distribution
from Oil Production Wellhead to Gathering Station
from Gas production facilities to Gas distribution pipeline and metering
from Industry/Factory production automation to facilities monitoring/control

PT. INTEGRA TEKNIK ASIA is ready to take a role as a turn-key contractor, sub-contractor, project consultant and QA/QC, as well as provide our outsourcing services.

On our outsourcing services, we carry a commitment in providing a proper engineer(s) and/or services, from individual engineer daily support to whole corporate resources long-term support, to meet our customers' needs and solve their problems so they could focus and concentrate to their main/primary business.

The availability to develop custom software products as add-on to our Automation/ SCADA Services is one of our strength points as an assurance that all of the system that integrates by us will work properly as designed.