InTek Products
InTek UC (Universal Consentrator)
Front End SCADA product that support concurrent connections
to several 3rd party SCADA Master/HMI,and support multiple
concurrent connections to downstream devices (RTUs, IEDs,
Smart Instruments, Smart Controller, and other similar devices).
[list of supported protocols as below - InTek Protocol Libraries]
Any industrial Linux box (embedded computer) or PC Server
Fully tested and field proven with MOXA Embedded Computer
products [MOXA DA-681, UC-8410, and IA-240].

InTek eMM (extended Metering & Monitoring)
Embedded Protocol (developed with Java) for point-to-point
direct connection to IED, Meter, Smart Controller, Field Devices, etc.
Any industrial Java 3G/EDGE/GPRS GSM Modem w/ built-in I/O.
Fully tested and field proven with Cinterion TC65T and AC75 Modem.

InTek Hybrid Multi OPC Server

OPC DA 2.0 compliance. Field proven and fully tested since 2003.
capable to run multi-protocol over single serial port/channel.
Featured with Hot-standby (computer and port) redundancy.
Support devices template (pre-defined devices with all of its tags).
[list of supported protocols as below - InTek Protocol Libraries]

InTek Protocol Libraries

Slave Protocols Master Protocols
IEC 60870-5-104
IEC 60870-5-101
IEC 60870-5-101
IEC 60870-5-103
DNP 3.0 over TCP
DNP 3.0 over TCP
DNP 3.0 over Serial
DNP 3.0 over Serial
Modbus TCP
Modbus TCP
Modbus Serial
ABB Indactic 33
IEC 62056 / IEC 61107 *

Partners Products
Decode IDM50B PLC FSK Modem

Voice-band Modem w/ FSK and QAM w/ programmable sub-band
Field proven for SCADA communication over Power Line
Carrier and direct compatible with Cegelec MD-50, ABB NSK3 / NSK5, and SAT WK Modem.

GE MDS Single Channel Radio Data

Frequency range : 330 to 512 MHz and 800 to 960 MHz
Redundant Master GE MDS x790AR
Remote GE MDS x710A
Output Power : 0.1 to 5 Watts
RF Data Rate: 9600 bps on 12.5 kHz
Input Power Supply : 10.5 to 16 Vdc
Modulation Digital / CPFSK
Latency (Rx-Tx-Rx) 10 ms inc. RTS/CTS


DNP 3.0 protocol over RS-485 interface
16 x Digital Inputs (40 Vdc to 150 Vdc)
6 x Digital/Relay output (48 Vdc @2A)
48, 24, or 12 Vdc Power Supply Input

DAE PM210 [3-phases Meter/Transducer]

Panel Mount or DIN-rail (Transducer)
6-digits single-line LED Indicator
Modbus protocol over RS232 or RS485
110 Vac or 24/12 Vdc Power Supply Input

iPEC on-line Partial Discharge monitoring

TEV [Transient Earth Voltages] w/ Capacitive Coupler
HFCT [High Frequency CT]
Discharge Detection / impulse induced in cable earth
Detection of Partial Discharge (PD) in HV cables (3 x Sensors)
Accoustic Wave Emission / High Frequency (VHF/UHF) Sensor