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Start your SCADA system in the most economic & efficient way
Newmar DC-UPS Rectifier Charger
Compact DIN-rail
Decode IDM-50B PLC Modem
FSK / QAM Modem
Hsiang Cheng 6200
3-phases Digital Power Meters
Lumel N30H Digital DC Meters
DC Voltage and DC Ampere
Combines all system power functions:
power supply
battery charger
status monitoring
in ONE compact DIN rail mount unit.

Modbus RTU protocol on RS-485

3-steps charging
[rapid battery recovery]

opt temperature compensation sensor

Low voltage disconnect
[protects battery from total discharge]

High operating temperature range

Dual outputs for load and battery

Charge current limit is adjustable
[so that essential output power to the load is maintained while battery is being recharged]

Periodic battery health diagnosis
[Automatic scheduler]

Alarm contacts:
AC fail,
battery status/condition

A programmable modem for SCADA or power utility communication network

Data transmission on audio frequency analog medium

Multi-standard support: ITU R.35, R.37, R.38A, R.38B, V.21, V.23, V.29, and Bell 103 & 202, also support proprietary Cegelec 1200/600Bd and Indactic 33 / 2033 channeling

Fully programmable via Hayes Hayes AT command set

Specialized Line, Power Line Carrier or radio communication

Half or full-duplex operating mode

Interface :
RS232C with DB9F connector asynchronous and synchronous data transmission in 300-3400 Hz voice band Point-to-point, multipoint, 2-wire or 4-wire

Casing :
Desktop [1 module / casing] 1U Rack [up to 3 modules / rack] 3U Rack [up to 14 modules / rack]

Power Supply Input option :
[09-18, 18-36, or 36-72VDC]

Accuracy 0.2% V/I & 0.5% Energy

True RMS conversion

Maximum 580V

Modbus RTU on RS-485

Back-lit LCD graphic display

Field programmable PT / CT ratio

Bar chart in % for phase current

Memory for all setup and energy data

Harmonic analyze for quality analysis
(up to 15th harmonic)

Programmable Displays readout

Comprehensive self test diagnostics

Low input burden 0.2VA (5A/120V)

Compact physical configuration

Compatible with DIN & ANSI cutout

2KV RMS input / power isolation

Power Supply Input:
80-260V AC / DC

Programmable Digital Panel Meters

Voltage measurement range :
up to 600 VDC and up to 5 Amp DC [custom order on above range]

Modbus RTU on RS-485

1 x Analog Outputs
for Conversion of any measured value into a 0/4...20 mA or 0...10 V analog.

4 x Alarm Outputs
with signalling by LED diodes operating in 6 different modes.

Three-colour display (14 mm high) programmed in 3 x intervals of the measured value

Storage of minimal and maximal values for all measured quantities.

21-point individual characteristic for the measured value

Meter programming from the keyboard or through the RS-485 interface by means of LPConfig software (provided free)

Power Supply Input option :
[85-253 VAC or 20-60 VDC]